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Handling Life Insurance Rejections

October 5, 2013

If by chance you have been living with no life insurance, it’s not just you. Almost 16 percent  Americans are  uninsured as reported by UHF (United Health Foundation). Unfortunately, sometimes even when lots of people are trying to become financially and socially responsible they are able to find that they may be unable to be eligible for a health insurance coverage.
It is frustrating taking your time to sign up for life insurance then get a curt rejection letter. But you need to understand that it’s not personal at all. In most cases, underwriters only follow company policies They may also use a computer programme to determine which candidates to accept. You must not dwell on the decline, but instead it’s best to take some action to help you fix the issue.


Although you have an insurance plan does not instantly mean that you are likely to receive a payout in case an adverse incidence. The insurance firm where you report a claim at may ignore your claim. If you realize why your insurance coverage will deny an insurance claim, you will be with your better position so that you are within the bounds from their terms and conditions to ensure that you receive a payment at any time you file an insurance claim. These are commonly found in the fine print of one’s policy and you’ll make a point of looking at them. Best reasons why an insurance company may refuse your claim include

Here’s Simple steps on How to Manage Life Insurance Rejections

Why did you want to have a life insurance plan anyway? It’s important to understand what you truly hoped to gain by becoming covered and consider any alternate options that might help you. Would a savings account or income accomplish exactly the same goals over the years?

Mistakes happen. Make sure you find out the reason why your policy have not been accepted by the firm. Is there something that you, or your insurance provider, can do to solve the situation. In case your doctor’s office didn’t send in a physician’s testimony, the underwriter could possibly have just declined your coverage because a schedule had elapsed. You may be able to call your physician’s office and service provider to get the procedure started once again.

Does your service provider really do their own homework? It’s possible to actually find brokers that specialize in more challenging cases. Many agents need to have a brilliant idea if clients will be rejected or accepted before they process an application. But if it was actually up to agents in that case everybody would get accepted due to the fact they want to include your business to their books. Also get the idea that there are questionable practices that agents cannot often predict.. You must not really blame the agent for the reason that an application was denied. Such a decision is made over the underwriting department of the company. But you may consider trying to find a broker who excels in handling higher risk policies.
Shop around. Insurers typically are not all the same, and they’ve got different underwriting policies. Some organizations may decline people with diabetes, for example, but others will acknowledge a diabetic at a standard rate.

Look into guaranteed concern or “no health question” policy. Some insurers make use of a waiting period alternatively to normal health underwriting, in which may be a much simpler way to.get covered. There are a number of drawbacks to this option, but it can be a very good solution for some individuals.

Is it possible to get covered through a group or organization? Some group guidelines have milder underwriting regulations, and you may have the ability to find a policy as a result.

What are the top life insurance companies

July 22, 2013

Top Insurance Companies

When choosing from a list of the best life insurance companies, it is important to take a look at several things before making a choice. There are many factors of the decision to be made in ensuring that the right pick of an insurance company is being made. Here is a list of some of the nation’s best insurance companies, and what they have to offer along with their reputation.

1. All State Insurance Company

All State Insurance is a very well reputed, reliable, and customer friendly company. They are well known for providing some of the best policies and service to their customers. All State Insurance was founded in 1931 and has since dominated the insurance market with their unbeatable rates, policies, and customer service. It is important for an insured customer to feel safe, and All State’s customer service has been known to put people at ease simply through their guarantees. They insurance services cover auto, homeowner’s, renter’s, business, personal liability and life coverage. There are also other options available in their selections categories. All State currently insures nearly 17 million households in the United States through their workforce of approximately 35,000 employees.

2. State Farm Insurance

State Farm provides great customer service and their agents are known to be very compassionate about their customers. The company has high ratings in terms of service, rates, and overall service. State Farm offers both insurance and financial services to its customers and is ranked number 44 in the list of 2013 Fortune 500 companies. The company’s headquarters is located in Bloomington, Illinois and has services in the United States and Canada. State Farm was founded in 1922 with an original purpose of their service in providing auto insurance for farmers, hence the company name.

3. Travelers Insurance

Travelers insurance provides coverage in the medical and financial fields of insurance, as well as losses incurred while travelling. They are basically a service taken under their name, and prove to provide just that. Insurance to travelers while receiving good customer feedback.

4. The Hartford

Another Fortune 500 company that strives on customer satisfaction. They provide services in insurance and investments. Their revenues in 2012 were an upwards of 26 billion dollars. Those numbers there have to say something about the services they provide. Very well reputed company, and a safe bet when choosing among a list of insurance companies.

5. AIG

AIG, or American International Group, provides service to more than 100 countries throughout the world. They provide services of property casualty, life, retirement, and mortgage insurances. The broad array of types of services makes AIG a consideration for one of the best life insurance companies.

Why Compare Life Insurance Rates?

July 22, 2013

Life insurance can seem expensive, but it is essential to have a safety net in the case that something happens. If there were to be a death, it can provide much needed funds to family members. This may be help to pay off debts, pay for a funeral and help the family to get by for some time. However, not every life insurance policy is the same. Different companies offer many features which can make a difference in how much the plan costs.

Those who take the time to compare term life insurance rates will reap the benefits. There are easy ways to go online and get a quote from several companies at once, to get a good idea of how much this should cost. Don’t make a final decision until looking at all of the prices, and considering the benefits of each company. The way that term life insurance tends to work is that the premiums are lower to begin with, but each time the insurance is renewed the prices will rise. It may be a good time to compare term life insurance rates at several different intervals to avoid paying too much.

This is a great type of life insurance to choose, as it can often be the lowest in cost overall. Nobody wants to pay too much, so comparing rates every few years is important. See if there could be a new advantage to choosing a different company, as there are often different features added over time. Looking into the prices can save thousands of dollars, so look what could be offered before signing on the dotted line.

These term policies often last as much as ten or twenty years, so getting the facts before signing up can help people to avoid purchasing a policy that is too expensive. Talk to more than one company, and see what it is like to work with them. Also remember that simply choosing the lowest price may not be the best choice. It could lead to not getting the best service, and even more problems down the road. Pick a company that is easy to work with and has a good price as well.

Benefits of No Medical Exam Life Insurance

July 22, 2013

Those who would like to obtain life insurance without a medical exam may do so; however, the cost of life insurance without a medical exam is typically more expensive. People interested in no medical exam life insurance should review each policy holder to find the life insurance plan that’s right for them.

While majority of life insurance companies have people schedule a physical body exam, blood work, and document life activity styles, those life insurance companies who do not require a medical exam simply require an opening deposit to start the life insurance policy.

Life insurance companies that do not require their policy holders get a medical exam still allow people to take out a life insurance policy from $250,000 to $500,000. Furthermore, there are also similar stipulations and regulations concerning a no medical exam insurance policy.

The catch with insurance policies that don’t require a medical exam is that they end up costing more for the monthly premiums, as well as other associative fees. However, people who want to have a life insurance policy without a medical exam are willing to spend a few extra dollars to obtain the insurance policy that they, and their family are hoping for.

Another thing about no medical exam life insurance policies is that they work similar to standard life insurance polices, when issuing funds are considered. When the policy holder passes away, the funds are released to the beneficiaries listed on the account, unless there are requirements that must be upheld, or an accidental death investigation.

While there are no medical exams necessary for an insurance policy of this nature, policy holders will need to provide some information however; this information pertains to whether or not they smoke, and their age. Furthermore, the expense of the insurance policy selected will vary, depending on the policy holder’s specific information.

Insurance policies that do not require a medical exam also allow anyone over a certain age to apply for and receive an insurance policy. This fact, along with the ability to gain a policy without a medical exam make getting a no medical exam insurance policy a no-brainer. Even for slightly extra costs, an insurance policy of this nature is beneficial to many who don’t want to have an exam performed, or who enjoy what a no medical exam policy has to offer.

Life Insurance DUI Guide

July 22, 2013

You’ve had a few beers but you’re friend is pretty well cooked. Rifling through his pockets you push him inside his car, put the key in and off you go. You’re proud and happy you could help a friend until you see red and blue flashing lights in the rear view mirror! Now what are you going to do? If you were planing on seeking out life insurance or increasing/decreasing your existing policy you’re going to be in for quite a shock!

Getting life insurance with a dui and without a dui are 2 different fish in the same pond. Insurance companies today check everything in your past to better predict your future behavior. Life Insurance with a dui means blood tests are in your crystal ball. Be Prepared; life insurance dui risk factors must be conclusively decided before a policy is granted to you.

The first thing to expect after a dui is the underwriter will demand a GGT test performed on your blood. A GGT test confirms or refutes the little checked box on the main form announcing how much you drink per week. A dui on your record means an underwriter will fiddle around with your blood-work determining the authenticity of your disclosure. Once this test has been administered, the underwriter will most likely slap a GGTP test on your liver checking for anomalies. Let’s look at the results of your life insurance dui quest!

If this is a 1st time dui offense and you were relatively truthful disclosing “3 beers per week” on the form then you should be sitting comfortably on the sofa. If your dui dilemma happened 5 or more years ago you should also be sitting in a comfortable position. If this is not your 1st offense and/or the offense took place within 5 years give a call to your insurance agent and be honest with the agent about your past. Agents deal with many different situations and characters and they are also very human; just like you! A life insurance dui trail can sometimes seem like you’re heading down a dark and narrow. Shine a light on your journey by contacting your agent and seeking advice. A lifetime of promise is not shattered by 1 dui hiccup. Your agent will be happy to assist you in any fix you’ve gotten into!

What is High Risk Life Insurance?

July 22, 2013

Getting life insurance can be a more complicated prospect for people who have been diagnosed with serious health issues or who work in high risk industries. It can even be difficult for those who enjoy extreme sports, such as sky-diving and mountain climbing. However, it is possible to be insured while still living your life in the way you wish. Acquiring some high risk life insurance will allow you and your loved ones some peace of mind as you continue to live your life.
But what is involved in getting high risk life insurance coverage?

First, you will probably need to get quotes from many different agencies. Assuming you qualify for an insurance plan, the premiums will differ from company to company, and you will want to compare. You may wish to visit an independent insurance agent, who works with many different companies and has more leeway negotiating rates than one who is dedicated to a single company. There are a lot of different ways to be a “high risk” and some companies are going to have very different ideas about what activities are riskier than others, and this will show in the premiums and coverage of the plans they offer you.

There may be ways for you to mitigate how risky your risky behavior is. If you are a mountain climber, perhaps you can prove that you are expertly trained, and considered qualified to lead excursions. This will make you much less of a risk than a novice who insists on tackling challenging mountains with little experience. If you have been diagnosed with a serious condition, paperwork which proves that you are getting good medical care, and that you are doing everything you can to stay well will go a long way to making you look like a better candidate for an insurance plan.

Finally, be sure that the plan you are getting is enough to cover your family’s needs should anything happen. You will be paying premiums for this insurance, probably higher premiums than most people, you must hold out for a good plan that will protect you and your family.